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Large Volume

Capital Paper Large Volume RecyclingCapital Paper Recycling Ltd can provide large volume paper recycling programs, and currently provide regular pickups to:

  • Capital Paper Large Volume RecyclingPrintshops
  • Warehouses and Factories
  • Paper Companies
  • Grocery Stores
  • Supply Chains
  • Distributions Centers
  • Malls
  • Small and Large Retail Outlets
  • Office Towers
  • Rural Communities

Capital Paper Large Volume RecyclingRecycling large volumes of paper with Capital Paper Recycling Ltd does not only result in saving thousands of trees annually, but can also generate some revenue in return (depending on the grades and volumes of paper being produced).

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Capital Quick Facts

Did you know that the average office worker uses approximately 2.5 pounds of paper each week?

FACT - That is between 120-150 pounds of recoverable white office paper in just one year!

Did you know about laws that protect the privacy and confidentiality of personal information?

FACT -These laws place the onus on organizations and companies to protect and securely dispose of this information. Is your company abiding by these laws?

Do you know what goes into making paper?

FACT - Newly cut trees account for 55 percent of the global paper supply, while 38 percent is from recycled wood-based paper, and the remaining 7 percent comes from non-tree sources.