About Capital Paper

Why Choose Capital Paper?

Why Choose Capital Paper?

At Capital Paper Recycling Ltd. besides being a great fit for your company or business, we practice diverse recycling initiatives while advancing as an environmentally safe, responsible and opportunistic organization.

Our Mission Statement is:

At Capital Paper Recycling Ltd, we are forever striving to provide exceptional service to the cities in which we reside, know and love. As citizens ourselves, we understand and recognize the value and benefits of having community-minded businesses working together to attain a greener Canada! We believe in a sustainable future.

Capital Paper is proudly Canadian
Capital Paper is Proudly Canadian

Besides being proudly Canadian - we offer a wide variety of flexible recycling programs. Our friendly and professional staff is sure to have the answers to your recycling questions!

We have one-stop solutions for your recycling needs,
with no contracts to sign.

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Capital Quick Facts

Did you know that the average office worker uses approximately 2.5 pounds of paper each week?

FACT - That is between 120-150 pounds of recoverable white office paper in just one year!

Did you know about laws that protect the privacy and confidentiality of personal information?

FACT -These laws place the onus on organizations and companies to protect and securely dispose of this information. Is your company abiding by these laws?

Do you know what goes into making paper?

FACT - Newly cut trees account for 55 percent of the global paper supply, while 38 percent is from recycled wood-based paper, and the remaining 7 percent comes from non-tree sources.